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Deepika & Deepu
16 November 2017
I had received Deepu's interest sometime back. My uncle suggested me to check it & that's when I happen to Accept Deepu's request. I decided to initiate things from my end. I still remember the day when I sent him a whatsapp message. I soon realized that we have more common to us than our names. We spoke regularly, despite the fact that he was in a different continent & that Sydney & Mumbai had a time difference of 5hrs 30 mins. It seemed like that there was something special between us, like we have known each other for years. He proposed, I accepted. Since we belonged to different castes, we had to do some bit of convincing on both sides. However, things more or less fell in place and we decided to proceed with a very small & simple wedding with blessings from friends & family. Our joy had no bounds as that was the day we waited so long for. Happily Married and awaiting my Visa to join my Husband, I can't be more thankful to you guys at for making us meet. ''