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Premal & Bhavna
23 January 2008
One fine day I opened my mailbox to find what !! a message that I received from a prospective bridegroom expressing interest. And what a groom..very smart and handsome...long locks of hair, bright face and future looked all of a sudden very colourful !! So I took some time to read through his profile and kept reading it again and again..and again. Then i showed the pictures to my folks and they loved what they saw !! They asked me not to lose this opportunity...and i wrote back to my would be Aeyji Oji. Finally after waiting for a couple of days i hear a buzz from him and then we spoke over the phone, and it felt like a match made in heaven. We spoke even more after that day and then we finally realized that we should be together. Finally we got married on 24th Dec 2007.