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Shalini Nair & Sanya Rajan
07 December 2013
Sanya sent me an interest through Shaadi on 21 July 13. I was in Thailand holidaying with a friend. At first, we both just laughed it off after having gone through the profile. The usual girl banter. The Info on Sanya's profile was not quite updated, and he was still in the middle of making changes. After a couple of hours of having received the interest, we exchanged a few chat messages on Shaadi. I decided to give him a chance, despite of how his profile looked on Shaadi. There was no picture and not much information available on the profile. I soon discovered that he was completely unlike the impression I had got reading his profile the first time. We never stopped chatting. Our conversations went into week, hours of the morning and until I returned to Hong Kong from my holiday. We switched from chat and spent all our free time together despite being in two different countries and time zone. The connection was almost instant. Within a just a week we knew that this was not just another matrimonial interaction. There was something special. In less than a week we both made plans to meet. Sanya is based in India and I am based in Hong Kong. We were to meet in Bangalore on 17 Aug. On 12 Aug we declared to the world that we were in a relationship and rest is history. It has been a magical few months for us. Families met soon after and it all went incredibly well. Everything just happened in a jiffy. Quite unexpected for either one of us. Before one could stop, breathe and contain the excitement, we were both engaged. We are getting married on 26th Jan 2014 and can�t express how happy we both are. Had it not been for Shaadi, we would have never met each other. A Big thank you to the team of Shaadi.