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Shaji & Divya
05 April 2011 helped my dream to come true. As every girl has a prince of dreams, Shaji is THE PRINCE OF MY DREAMS. A perfect match from all respects. Both of our profile were floating around on almost all the wedding sites. Oh! it looked as if we were too desperate to be married. But the desperation was for the families and where best you can get 'The same CASTE partner'. My mom and bro were the people who created my profile and gave me a shock when I came back from work. I anxiously logged into and read my profile. Ahoy! is that me? is what I asked. I still remember I did not even change but was directly editing the profile and cropped some of my casually taken pics to upload. And, to my surprise I had almost more than 20 expression of interest. And every day there at least 10 people expressing. Same was the case with other sites. I was rejecting and shortlisting; and yeah, caste was the easiest reason to reject. Also, I started speaking to guys and realized they were all genuine but somewhere something didn?t work out. One day I got Shaji's request and somehow I wanted to go through the profile even after knowing he is not of my caste. I read his profile again and again, saw his pic again and again and finally accepted his request and saw his US contact number. I gave him a miss call and within no time I got his call back. The calls continued went on to video chats and I remember one day I had my bro talk to him.. Sweet my husband not then though was made to stand up, turn right and left by my bro. And we all had a great laugh on it. Then was the case of horoscope which I call as Horrorscope... never matched with the person I liked:) and the famous caste issues. He went ahead and spoke to his family to check the ?horrorsope?and I started convincing my family. He got a strict 'No' to go ahead as our horrorscope didn?t give good numbers and even after getting my bro's support selling him to parents didn?t work out. We decided to call it off. We went ahead with our searches. But still we felt like talking to each other all the time. And we became best friends. It was Valentine?s day (2010) and he saw me a little upset as I wasn't going out with friends but working. And as usual I was talking to him over the phone and cribbing about my day. I was climbing up the stairs of my building and a neighbor of mine was coming down. She told me " there is a flower delivery boy waiting for me as there is no one at home to collect." I ran up with Shaji's company over the phone. I collected the roses and a small card. It was a 100 red roses bouquet and card stated "Roses are the most beautiful flowers only if the person who holds it smiles. So smile my Dear". And my outburst to that "OMG, you are crazy, I hate you, I hate you ....which went on for 15 mins " For which he said, "I think I will be the only person on earth who gets all bad words for sending a girl the flower she loves the most." That was the first time some guy really made me feel like the princess. And I finally just accepted that I had already started loving him though he always said we are friends. But we realized it later that talking is not helping us and we decided to stop our calls. But could not hold it for long. We started our calls again after a month's gap and kept on reminding each other "We are just FRIENDS". Our calls made his international calling company worry. He used Vonage service - $15 unlimited calls to India with no deposit refunded if the connection is withdrawn within a year. After 2 months they called him and requested him to withdraw and that they will pay back the deposit because his calls didn't seem domestic. :) That was just because we spoke to each other averagely 9 hrs a day. And we still called ourselves 'Friends' or rather 'Best Friends' :) I then headed to Bangalore for a job. This was the first time I was going to Bangalore and had a friend who helped me settle down. He later expressed for marriage and he being a friend I thought that?s the best way. And what more he was of my caste. I agreed and families took it further. The engagement and marriage dates were out. But I wanted to meet Shaji, at least once before I got engaged, wanted to see the person in real at least once. And I told the same to my friend to which he agreed. Now was the thing when will Shaji come from US. Also, after I told Shaji about my marriage his reactions changed... guess he realised that even he started loving me and that I am going away from him. This feeling and wanting changed the destiny I guess. He got leaves and he came to Bangalore before he went home back in Kerala. He had come for one day, just a day. It was a Sunday, we met in the morning and was together eating, shopping having fun all day and didn?t realise that it was 11.00p.m. Guess that made my friend to be husband that time sure that I really loved Shaji. He called off the marriage helping me like a real good friend on the very next day. Shaji couldn't hold any longer and directly called his sister in Bangalore, told her about me and the next moment I was there with them. And most amazing part to my surprise was, she comes to me and says "Don't worry, he will surely convince our parents". And the same night he heads to Kerala to tell me the next day that "my parents are all fine and now I am coming to your house in Mumbai". He books my flight tickets and there we were at my home back in Mumbai talking to my parents about it. My dad was happy meeting him but my mom was very angry as she blamed him for breaking up my other marriage. I still don't understand how it happened but we convinced our families with ease. It's like how much ever you try to make your partner Mr. Right, when the soul mate comes by, nothing can stop bringing you together. The families met and then to today we are married; got engaged on 4th July 2010 and 12th December 2010 marriage. I never believed in dreams or magic. But as people say when you meet your Mr. Right bell rings. It rang! We are so different but yet so same. And when friends ask me how is marriage life. I have only one answer "It has never been better than now" All thanks to