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For the majority of Hinduism-abiding Indian communities, Hindu matrimony is all about finding harmony and compatibility between a bride and a groom's birth charts. Yes, Hindus are firm believers in their marital destiny being written in the stars.

This notion of cosmic matrimonial alliance has turned Hindu matrimony and wedding ceremonies into joyous and extremely sacred affairs. Indeed, most Hindu weddings only go ahead if the horoscopes of the bride and groom match well. Hindus, who account for the majority of India's population, comprise a huge diaspora of communities - each with its own cultural identity shaped by centuries of traditions and influences.

Brahmins, Rajputs, Jats, Aroras, Kayasthas, Agarwals, Khatris, Guptas, Yadavs, Thakurs, Vishwakarma, Vellalar, Nair…the list of Hindu communities and castes is never-ending. These communities have their own Hindu matrimony rituals and preferences, with most marriages occurring within local families.

While Hindu marriages, commonly known as Vivah, are always organised as per Vedic traditions, arranging matrimony between Hindu brides and grooms is now increasingly occurring via online matrimony. Most Hindus are educated, have a rich cultural background, speak unique languages, and are either in corporate jobs, government jobs, or lucrative businesses. Their requirement is to meet and settle down with like-minded individuals from within the community who can balance traditionalism with modernism.

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30 yrs, 5' 7"", Hindu, Brahmin - Bhumihar, Gurugram

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26 yrs, 5' 1"", Hindu, Kushwaha, Indore

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26 yrs, 5' 4"", Hindu, Yadav, Chhapra

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32 yrs, 5' 4"", Hindu, Arora, Noida

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